Aion Officer Applications

We’re looking to add 3 officers.

What we’re looking for?

1) PvP coordinator to work w/ Siris
2) PvE coordinator to work w/ Hypnosis
3) Craft Master/Banker

What the roles entail?

Craft Master/Banker

  • Oversee all Legion Craft Masters (LCM).
  • Oversee Legion wide crafting projects (siege weapons, etc.)
  • Handle legion warehouse requests coming from members.

PvE Coordinator

  • Organize PvE events which can consist of questing, instances, etc.

PvP Coordinator

  • Organize general PvP, Abyss PvP, and Rifting events.
  • Coordinate with other legions for fortress raids, etc.

How to apply?

Send a PM to Kousei here on the forums outlining which position you’d like/why you feel you would make a good officer/why you feel you are qualified/etc. DO NOT add an application to the forums.

When to apply by?

We will be accepting applications until Friday Dec 4, 2009