Recruiting Raiders for Static!

Status: OPEN

Marked Souls is recruiting for our experienced static raid squad that runs 8PM to 11PM EST Mondays and Wednesdays. We regularly clear wings 1-4 bosses and are currently working on Wing 5.

We would like to fill 2 open spots and potentially add 2-3 alternates. We have enough multi-class players to be pretty flexible on roles for potential recruits. If you are applying as a DPS, please have at least 1 condi and 1 power. Please visit our Raid Teams page for more information about our raid squad.

What makes an ideal Marked Souls raider?

1. A good attitude and are motivated to improve (can give/take well intentioned constructive criticism, etc.). If you are the type of player who flames your squad mates or rage quits in frustration, we’re not for you.
2. Have at least 1 character fully raid ready. This means you should have a meta build (SC or qT) and be comfortable with its rotation. Multi-class players will be given preference (especially those with support roles such as chrono, druid, hand kiter, etc).
3. Able to routinely raid on the given raid nights (RL comes first so missing every now and then is fine but don’t make it a habit).
4. Discord.

Trial/Try Out Period:

Our trial period consists of one week of raiding (full sessions both Monday and Wednesday). We use this trial to look for a good personality fit as well as solid gameplay. The trial is why we don’t have LI or boss kill requirements above. We’ll test your knowledge and experience through the trial.


Please contact Kousei.5914 or Vivaer.8360 in game or message us using the Contact page if you are interested. If you’re interested in Marked Souls for general PvE as well as raiding, feel free to Apply!