Charter Changes

We’ve been hard at work on our charter. We’ve re-organized it on our website and added new content. The following is a brief overview of the new content we’ve added to the charter.

New Rank: Veteran

The Veteran rank exists to acknowledge members that have went above and beyond for the guild. It cannot be achieved just by playing for a certain amount of time but must be earned through dedication, support, and gamesmanship. It is a title meant to show that the member has done something for the guild worthy of recognition, respect, and the perks.

To read more, visit the Veteran Rank page of the charter.

Officer Positions and Definitions

PvE Officer
PvE officers coordinate events in PvE such as dungeons, member to-do nights, etc. PvE officers can choose to run events or simply help members plan events. PvE officers work with PvP officers to organize the guild calendar.

PvP Officer
PvP officers coordinate events in World and Structured PvP. PvP officers can choose to run events or simply help members plan events. PvP officers work with PvE officers to organize the guild calendar.

Public Relations Officer
Public relations officer will work with the council on posting to the Marked Souls website and forum, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to publish information about the guild. This position also handles recruitment tasks such as posts on other forums, application reviews, etc.

Crafting Officer
Crafting officers maintain the guild’s Craft Master System (CMS). Crafting officers maintain the list of craft masters. Crafting officers ensure that craft masters receive all needed recipes and requests. Crafting officers handle guild storage requests pertaining to crafting items.


The Council is the governing body of Marked Souls. A council member must have knowledge of the guild, what it stands for, and ultimately where it needs to be lead and nurtured. To be deemed qualified for the Council, a member must be well respected leader within the guild.

To read more, visit the Council page of the charter.

Craft Master System

We’ve added the details of what we are calling our Craft Master System, or CMS, to the charter. This is a variation of the system we created when playing Aion. The system is designed to ensure that members always have access to someone with a large recipe library.

To read more, visit the Craft Master System page of the charter.