Marked Souls Charter

The guild encourages teamwork, humor, and simple enjoyment of the game. The guild prides itself on a respectful attitude to others as well as a willingness to assist fellow members with any challenges in the game. That said, this document will detail the guidelines that all members are expected to understand and enforce.

Table of Contents

Changes to the Charter

This charter may only be revised with the consent of the Guild Leader and Guild Officers.


  • All members have the ability to recruit and we encourage you to do so. If you play with someone and think they’ll be a good addition, feel free to invite them. Potential members should be sent to our website’s “Apply to Guild” link or escalated to a member of the Officer Core.
  • Players must pass a probation period of two weeks, during which they must show that they can fit in with the guild’s expectations and current members.
  • An ideal recruit has a good sense of humor, enjoys playing with guild mates, and strives to become a better player.
  • Recruiters value behavior above age.
  • The only requirements are that members be respectful, friendly, and speak English.
  • Participation in the community counts for a lot more than their current skill at the game.
  • If the guild has space, recruiting will never be closed. If a player is likely to add value to the guild, no circumstance shall prevent that player from being invited.

Code of Conduct

If a guild member is being abusive, discriminating or participating in conduct unbecoming of a representative of the guild, please report the offense in question to your Guild Officers. This guild will not tolerate flaming, discrimination based on sex, politics, religion, racism, or excessive use of foul language. If the member is an Officer of the guild then report it to the Guild Leader. We are all adults here, and we need to act accordingly.

  • All members will be treated equally. From the guild leader to the newest recruit, all members are to be treated with tolerance and respect.
  • Behave with maturity. Being friendly and polite keeps the game fun for everyone.
  • The in-game guild chat systems are not to be used for trade spamming. Please use our forum for trading amongst fellow guild members.
  • You must represent your guild respectfully at all times. This means you resolve any issues with players directly and do your utmost best to resolve it peacefully and with dignity.
  • Members are encouraged to discuss any issues on the guild forum and to join in the discussions that arise.
  • Members are highly encouraged to help other guild members and in-game players. Players that have the time to help should offer to do so. Participation and communication will be rewarded.

Exploitation & Begging

The guild does not tolerate needy or freeloading behavior. Exploitation of guild members or other in-game players is not permitted. We are an open guild who welcomes the opportunity to help out its own members and the game community. It is an acceptable practice to ask for donations for services rendered.

Do not ask for items (materials, money, weapons, etc) that you are not prepared to purchase. We like to help our members, but we’re not just going to hand them everything on a silver platter. Do offer to give away items if you can afford it.

Cheats, Hacks, and 3rd Party Tools

The use of cheats, hacks, or 3rd Party programs not sanctioned by a game’s publisher are not permitted. If you are found to be in violation of this policy, you will be reported to game support and removed from the guild and all its assets without notification.

Login Status

All members who go inactive from the game for more than the allotted period, may be removed from the guild without notice. A written communication must be provided to the Officers of the guild for an exemption to be granted.

  • Diablo 3 – Currently there are no inactive warnings.
  • Guild Wars 2 – Currently there are no inactive warnings.


All guild members are encouraged to take an active participation within the guild. This includes in-game and website participation. The guild realizes that different members have different amounts of time to devote to the game and to the Guild. Therefore, amounts of participation are expected to vary Member to Member. All that is asked for with participation is that you show that you care about the guild.


No bigotry, flaming, baiting, or trolling is permitted. These actions are disrespectful to others and disruptive to the overall health of the guild. Any problems with fellow guild members should be brought to the attention of an Officer so that issues may be resolved in a reasonable fashion.

Loot and Item Drop Distribution

Loot and drop distribution will be on an as needed basis. If someone needs a drop for their character, then that person gets it. If more than one member is present and in need of a drop, then the qualified members are to roll for it.

If a member is still within the two week probation period, that member is not permitted to try for a drop if other vetted members need it. If only the new member claims the drop, then that member may have it. In the event that no claim is made on a particular drop, it shall be placed in Marked Souls storage.


Members are not to charge teammates for items or crafted gear. Crafters may require the requesting member to obtain the proper resources needed for requested gear if the materials are not available in the guild bank.

Disciplinary Actions

Any reported violations of the Code of Conduct or the rest of the Guild Charter will result in penalties. The following are the penalties for violating the Code of Conduct and/or the Charter.

  • Warning: A warning may be issued to a member if that member is found to be in violation before an Offense is registered, at the Officer’s discretion. If a Warning is issued the Officer will attempt to resolve the issue by discussing it with that member and directing them to the Charter to make sure that the member is familiar with the Charter. The Officer will also post a notice of the warning in the Officers forum for further review.
  • First Offense: Members who violate the Charter will receive a strike on their record. The Officer will also post the offense in the Officers forums for further review.
  • Second Offense: Members who have received a first offense and continue to violate the Charter will receive a second strike on their record. The Officer will also post the offense in the Officers forums for further review.
  • Third Offense: Members who have received a second offense and continue to violate the conduct code will be removed from the guild, website, and voice communication server. The member will be permanently banned from the guild.

For serious offenders, officers may remove members from the guild after discussing it with other officers.


Veteran Rank

The Veteran rank exists to acknowledge members that have went above and beyond for the guild. It cannot be achieved just by playing for a certain amount of time but must be earned through dedication, support, and gamesmanship. It is a title meant to show that the member has done something for the guild worthy of recognition, respect, and the perks. For example, a player that has had to step down from being an officer due to real life circumstances.

How to become a veteran?

To become a veteran, you must be nominated by a veteran, officer or the guild leader. Once nominated, officers and veterans will discuss the nomination and vote on the nominee’s veteran status during officer meetings.

What are the requirements for becoming a veteran?

Veterans will be nominated based on the following qualities and abilities:

  • Having been a long standing member of Marked Souls.
  • Having taken an active role in the progression of Marked Souls.
  • Guild dedication and loyalty. This does not just include event participation but involvement in guild matters, such as even resolving disputes and encouraging good gamesmanship. A display of such caliber should be recognized by the higher ups and responded with respect.
  • A fun, engaging, and skilled player. Players that always do something fun, you are happy to see get online, and you want to interact with.
  • All of the above qualities must be present to be nominated.

What are the perks for being a veteran?

  • Veterans will sometimes be brought into discussions with officers and council member when considering guild matters.
  • Veterans will have a forum where they can discuss things with other veterans, officers, and the guild leader.
  • Various in-game perks, determined on a per game basis.


Officers are expected to uphold the Guild Charter at all times. They must represent the best of Marked Souls when in public and lead by example for all other guild members to follow.

  • Officers report directly to the Guild Leader.
  • Officers must take an active role in the position they support within the guild. Officers who fail to contribute will be demoted to regular member status and a new Officer will be elected.
  • Officers are required to be active in game. Failure to be active for more than one week will result in a prompt demotion. Demotions can be avoided if the absence is discussed prior to inactivity.
  • Officers are required to be active on the website. Failure to be active in the appropriate forums such as Officer Discussion will result in a single warning followed by a prompt demotion on the second offense.
  • Officers should be helpful to guild members and be willing to assist whenever possible. Officers should also take time to help instruct new members on proper game play within the guild.
  • Officers should take immediate action when a member is in violation of the Charter. A verbal or written warning can be issued to the member at the Officer’s discrepancy. All violations should be reported via the Officer’s forum.


The Council is the governing body of Marked Souls. It is comprised of the Guild Leader and an even number of Council Members to ensure voting is never tied.

Council members should encompass all of the qualities of veterans and officer.

A council member must have knowledge of the guild, what it stands for, and ultimately where it needs to be lead and nurtured. To be deemed qualified for the Council, a member must be well respected leader within the guild.

A council member should possess superb gamesmanship skill and be a very versatile player. They should have a textbook knowledge of most, if not all, of the game and game-play rules. This includes classes not played by the member.

Council members are the highest form of leadership within the guild and are critical to the guild’s success. They should understand the progression of the guild and be able to voice opinions on any topic in a respectable fashion. Council members should understand that different players have different needs within the game. When a council member finds a need that is not being met, they should be able to verbalize their thoughts and opinions to other members of the Council.

Council members should maintain the highest level of care, compassion, and loyalty to Marked Souls and carry themselves with an air of respect and honor when representing the guild. Council members should understand that they represent the members of the guild. A council member should always have the best interests of the guild and its members in mind.

Craft Master System

The Craft Master System, or CMS, is designed to ensure that the guild has the capability to produce as many crafting items as possible for our members. The CMS will be made up of the following rules, regulations and people:

  • Up to 3 people in the order of rank (primary, secondary, tertiary) will become the Craft Masters (CM).
  • Recipes will be given out in ranked order, those being the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Craft Masters (CM).
  • Requests from members of the Guild can be assigned to any Craft Master (CM) within their specialized profession.
  • Crafting requests can be submitted by members on the guild forum. If a member must submit a request in game, the submission should be made to an Officer or Craft Master through in game mail.
  • Crafting Masters (CM) will have first access to the crafting materials in the guild storage.
  • Only after having been appointed as Members, can players suggest themselves as possible Crafting Master candidates.
  • It is implied by choosing to become a Crafting Master (CM), that the Member in question already possesses a substantial amount of recipes, including some rare ones.  This analysis will be confirmed by officers.
  • The Member recommended to become a CM, will have to be a relatively long member of our guild and someone supportive of our guild.  This will reduce the possibility of a member potentially leaving after having been equipped with a vast amount of recipes.

The promotion process for Crafting Masters is as follows:

  • Officers will put out a call for CMs when there is an open position. Anyone at the rank of Member or higher can apply for an open CM position.
  • When the call for CMs is over, the Crafting Officer will produce a ballot for the Officers to vote.
  • The winner of this poll will be offered the position.

PvP Etiquette

In order to avoid any confusion, we would like to introduce some rules of engagement when organizing and playing within the game’s competitive PvP areas. Inasmuch as this section may convey that PvP is not a democracy, PvP’s joy is in the thrill of the win. When two teams play against each other with the same set of skills, only team effort would bring them to victory.

Roles and Responsibilities

If any of these roles need support to achieve goals, the guild leader will step in to provide it.

  • Caller: is the person who calls potential targets in battle, there can be a backup caller as well as a split team caller. Before battle all these roles are to be assigned.
  • Strategist/Leader: is the person who calls tactics for the game. The team has to obey the particular direction of the strategist. He/she also has the last say on everything and is responsible for the team and its construction. This person may refer team players to other players or resources for direction (example: follow layer 1 in game, or learn from player 2 how to play a role, or read article 4 about positioning). The leader shall listen to other people’s suggestions and take them under advisement.
  • Build maker: The person who puts the build together. This person is consulted on any changes to the bar on any character. The build maker would take other people’s input regarding the bar construction and suggest changes as required by usage (example: I cannot maintain energy on such a bar how could we remedy? Am I using it correctly?)
  • Team player: This person will cooperate with the team to achieve the team’s goals. The player should provide crucial input before, in and after battle. Thoughts are discussed and shared so as to make the team work cooperatively better.

All PvP Modes

Voice Communication

Playing team PvP means that you have to be able to use vent, this means players have to be able to speak and listen. Chatter during games is counterproductive, so it will be kept at minimum. Only important information would be required.


Builds are to be posted on the forums prior to the event and discussed with the rest of the guild. Build makers have first the position of caller and/or strategist.

Sign Up

Players will sign up on the forums to pick what they would like to play so that they can play roles that they may like. All players picking a role have to have unlocked the required skills to play that role. All players are required to have the required skills (on the build) unlocked. There is going to be an allotted time for play, when signing up on the event time/place/duration post, players must make sure that they can play at the specified times as well as for the specified duration.

Team Player

It means that very often, players would have to put their wants after the team’s needs. It is about choices and flexibility. We all have to be flexible. Players who have experience (or inexperience) in certain roles are given priority. So for example, Lyne cannot be trusted on a melee character, then it would be difficult to assign her such a role and expect her to achieve optimum performance. Other people might be good at something much more than other players so they will be asked to play certain roles. If players feel they are being jipped and they need training or assistance in understanding the mechanics of their favorite class, then ask us, the least we can do is be honest and either the player will excel or would have to try another class that they can be really good at.


All players who signed up must be in game and in guild hall or on vent 30 minutes prior to the event time. We want to set up quickly, if one is late (lateness is about 15 minutes), we get friends or pugs in the team. Why is it so important? Because players who are on time, would like to play instead of waiting around for one particular player.


Invites for other players (friends) are made only by request from the strategist or guild leader so that there are no embarrassing situations when inviting a friend. When an invite is issued and accepted, even if guild member shows up, we honor our invite. The guild member would have to sit out and wait for possibly one or two rounds, decided by the leader or guild leader when present.


“Can play” vs. “does play”; “can play” means you kind of know the skills and you will just punch buttons, “does play” is someone who knows the skills and knows when and how to use them for the betterment of the team effort to win. In order to change from “can play” to “does play”, educate yourself. There are many ways to educate yourself:

  • Pugging, you can spend personal time to educate yourself personally with what is out there and play with pugs.
  • Patience, and humility: Listen to people who are more experienced than you in the roles assigned. Don’t take things personally, if a player is looking for excellence then direction is important input.
  • Learn about skills, not only skills that your role takes but other skills that your enemy might have.
  • Learn about builds, all builds, gimmicks especially, for players will encounter them.
  • Learn about current gameplay strategies, read state of the game and wiki, etc. for more information.
  • Practice makes perfect.


Let’s be honest with each other, so for example, one cannot run the bar? Say something, we might have solutions to how one should run it. Not knowing what to do brings the team down and not telling us about it, makes us lose.


We may run certain types of builds solely to:

  • Gain experience.
  • Learn to work as a team together.
  • Experience the maps and master their strategies.
  • Experience each other and work with each other.
  • Support our leader with the various important info that he/she needs.
  • Experience our leader and learn to follow him/her off a cliff.
  • Learn enemy builds and how to beat them.

Modes of PvP Play

There are two play modes. Competitive or casual. Both competitive and casual follow the above “All PvP Modes” points. Other considerations for casual and for competitive PvP are outlined further below.


  • Too many people? Solution = Rotation: When we have an open event then we get people to rotate around on a 2 hour basis, we could possibly be able to play for 4 hours max for each opportunity.
  • We will hold a player’s hand, but also in order to give experience, expect to have some direction.
  • Goals: prior to every session personal and team goals are going to be outlined briefly. This is so we can gain experience and can develop our sense of gameplay and team play. Personal goals might be: I will work on my positioning today, could someone keep an eye on me please? Team goals might be: let’s learn how to beat the cap shrine map, or let’s learn to gank the guild lord.


  • We cannot start without the strategist, or caller even if they are late, unless one of the team steps up and takes the reigns.
  • Too many players? Too few players? Leader picks the team, no complaints. The team may be comprised of guild members, or of potential guild members. This may include friends, or people that we may want to get into an alliance with, in order to gain access to competitive PvP Guilds. It may also include people that are more proficient than we are to learn the strategies and ways to win.
  • Builds: We will have one or two solid builds that are going to fit play style, tactics as well as player experience. The builds will be thoroughly tested and tweaked until it fits the core team’s desire for excellence. We will stick to a build and modify it as necessary. We will not throw out builds. When our team can run the build well, it is highly unlikely that a new (WAY) will justify us having to modify our build unless new horizons want to be achieved. All core builds have to be discussed among core team members to attain optimum performance.
  • In the beginning we must be:
    • Gentle with ourselves.
    • Aware that in the beginning we will lose and lose big.
    • Pull through and not give up unless our leader tells us to.
    • Look at play, as an experience, a journey.
  • We play to win and to win big no matter what. So be prepared with us being tough on team performance. Questions players HAVE to ask all the time:
    • Am I doing something wrong?
    • Do I have to do something better? Ask it of the leader, of the monks, of the creator of the build. If players want to be competitive, players have to be prepared to get better at what they want to do.